Thanks for checking out the site – This is a project I’ve been brain storming with for a while now and hopefully it can build with time. I found over the last year I really enjoy writing and maybe, just maybe it would be interesting to others.

So let me introduce myself…My name is Nathaniel James, 19 years old from Swansea, South Wales a Surfer come Angler.

Surfing has and always will be my main love and it’s given me opportunities I could have never imagined. I got into Fishing as a result of an absolute love for the sea and anything to do with it, first as something to do to satisfy boredom when there was no surf, but quickly I was “hooked” and it became almost as big a part of my life as Surfing. The two in my opinion go hand in hand, if it’s flat I’ll be fishing and once the swell picks up then Surfing takes over!

Without a doubt Surfing has helped me massively in Fishing, I came into fishing with a good understanding of “watercraft” and “reading the water” which is massively important, especially in my favourite quarry; Bass fishing, but this can only be used and built on by time on the water which is always my main aim, to get out there!

Hook N Surf is a complete reflection of me and my Surfing/Fishing lifestyle. I hope to share this with you and it see where it goes!

Hope you enjoy and its somewhat interesting and you’ll continue to visit.




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