Does this Surf Fishing for Bass not look ridiculously exciting?!?!

Check out this short film produced by the boys at Absolute Fishing over in Ireland…fishing some of their open ‘strand’ beaches in some onshore conditions kicking up some small messy waves that scream Bass rather than Surfing but wow it looks exciting!


Bait fishing in the surf is a timeless way of Bass fishing that has existed along as Bass fishing itself, some even arguing it’s how it was born. Anglers still travel to the famous Irish strands of Dingle, Kerry every year to experience this wide open atlantic fishing.

But…what this video really got me thinking is how much is “Surf fishing for Bass with lures” over looked?

I’ve personally got very limited experience with it, other than a brief experience at it over in Ireland this year with John and Henry on one of their co-guided trips to Thatch Cottage in Kerry last August. In South Wales we have some brilliant open “surf” beaches that produce Bass to bait but why I’ve not got in the surf with the lures is beyond me?! Well since watching this video over and over again I’m feeling pretty inspired and I’m definitely going to give it a go this year, hopefully with results to show for it!

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