Good Luck To My Aussie Expats

Two of my best mates; Connor Griffiths and Josh Hocking, are over in Australia at the moment, surfing, cruising round and having an all round great time. This week they’re competing in the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Connor cross stepping to the nose – Sophie Cartwright

So while I’m putting on a hooded 5mm wetsuit and boots to jump into icy water and onshore waves, they’ve been chucking on boardshorts and a teeshirt (maybe even a little suncream) and surfing some great Aussie longboarding waves.Jealous?? …Of course not!

Josh perched on the nose – Sophie Cartwright

Connor in particular has been very focused on this comp and I remember nearly 2 years ago now when he first told me that he was determined to get over there and enter the comp as soon as he can, well with a bit of hard work, saving and some superb surfing…he’s made it there.

He blitzed his first heat in the Mens Open coming out first and is through to round 3 which will be held tomorrow. Check out this footage of his first round heat. Yes all those waves were in 20 mins under a lot of pressure…Good on you Con keep up the good work!!

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