Should we be embarrassed about becoming obsessed with a white stick of plastic…

Over the last two years one of the most difficult to get hold of lures has been nothing less than a salty stick of white plastic…yes that’s right, a straight white actionless stick of plastic…the white Senko.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the whole Bass lure fishing scene you’ll have seen great results on these white sticks, with plenty of very good bass caught on them in a whole manor of conditions; day, night, murky water, clear water, calm or rough they’ve proved very versatile.


It’s pretty mad that anglers who are often obsessed with action packed, highly technical lures that did this that and the other have become equally obsessed with a simple straight white piece of plastic that does nothing!

They catch fish though and the hype is only down to this, I think the expression “less is more” is what best applies to these lures and their mere presence is enough to be appealing. From what I’ve seen from those that have had success with these lures is they seem to excel at night as you can read here and have achieved a very high status for this. But like wise in murky water these white sticks have proven very effective again, in my mind they’re a great lure to turn to when you think it conditions could be better suited to bait.

We call them “Senkos” but that’s just the brand name for one of the originals, the correct term would be soft plastic stickbaits. The majority of the success I’ve heard of though in the UK has been with the “Wave Worm Bamboo Sticks” and these are the ones that really have seemed to got UK anglers excited.

Casting these weightless on a weedless hook you’ll be amazed at how far they fly for size and weight. They like all similar white stickbaits have become pretty much extinct in the UK and the only place online with them in stock is Fish-On-Luresย who have just had a fresh stock of them(how long they’ll last I don’t know)!

But back to the obsession with them…The best case of obsession I’ve seen is by my mate who will remain anonymous…who hunted the internet for some of the original White “Yamamotto Senkos” ordering multiple packs from Jamaica of all places. First thing I did when he showed me them was go to open the packet to smell the sweet scent they coat them in, but before I could even get two hands on pull the pack open they were ripped out my hands. “They’re not to be opened till they’re needed!!” something to do with ensuring optimum freshness I was told…lure obsession at it’s finest and I love it!

I couldn’t help quoting this, and for me it’s equally part of the fun of lure fishing, hunting for that lure, imagining how you’re going to fish it and then (hopefully) succeeding exactly as you imagined all winter! I may even keep a pack unopened myself…actually no…I’ve only gone and bought the scent for them to (oops)!

Now that someone in the UK finally has the Wave Worms back in stock I’veย managed to get nicely stocked up with them and although I got them too late last year to reap any rewards. After plenty of success stories and the very different conditions they have proven themselves in, confidence is high and I’m very excited to give them a go this year, especially when the going get tough!




2 thoughts on “Should we be embarrassed about becoming obsessed with a white stick of plastic…

    • Nice!! At night or day? Very excited to give them a good go this year, hopefully open up few extra possibilities. The scent is pretty good too, very strong, thinking if there’s a few other lures I could use them on!


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