Mepps…a timeless classic

As much as I love my flashy, technical almost say laboratory designed lures ask me my favourite Trout lure and you may be surprised almost even a little disappointed as you aren’t going to be hearing some Japanese kom-a-chink-uke-oko like name but rather..Size 0 Copper Mepps Aglia!


Mepps have been around for years, since 1938 to be exact! Since starting small stream Trout fishing I am yet to come across a lure that consistently produces fish like this little spinner. 

I am utterly convinced that it is purely out of aggression that a majority of Trout take a lure, but that’s for a different time and discussion! These Mepps seem capable of triggering this perfectly and their slow flashing, rotations really do something to turn Trout on! Yes I think they mimic a small fish but a majority of the time I think you’re getting a reaction strike from them out of pure aggression.

It really is a guilty pleasure for me to fish a small stream in the woods where you’re crouched down among the bracken and branches underarm flicking a lure upstream over an indent or pool where the Trout may be laying in wait.

A fine Brownie that couldn’t resist a #0 copper Mepps

The design of Mepps hasn’t changed very much since the originals, created by French  engineer Andre Meulnart. They are a very fool proof lure, cast out, let sink to desired depth and then a steady retrieve, and although I love shiny fancy lures…Mepps just work, and with them you can let success boil down to finding the fish most the time. It’s so satisfying using an age-old-classic like this and I get a strange kick out of using them, feeling somewhat retro casting out a metal spinner that hasn’t really changed since before the second Word War. 

These little Mepps are a timeless classic that I can’t help but love and the fact they consistently catch me fish is the icing on the cake. The amount of times I’ve swapped and changed lures while covering a variety of fish holding spots only to go back to a Size 0 Copper Mepps and next things there’s an energetic tail walking Brownie on the end of my line is more than I have fingers and toes and for that reason I’ve nearly bought my local tackle store completely out of them…that and I’m pretty good at wrapping them round branches!

These little Mepps won’t be going out of my small stream lure box any time soon!

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