This year’s quest – Sea Trout…I mean Sewin!


It’s funny, if I was to look back three years ago, fishing in freshwater really wasn’t of interest to me. Fishing in the salt was all I wanted to do and rivers, lakes and streams I prejudged were not for me. Wow was I wrong. Perch, Trout, Salmon, Pike – Awesome fishing, far from boring and I’m happy to say I’ve had success with each of them, even though my experience with salmon and pike is very limited.

The start of this year though, I set myself the aim of catching something very different and living in Wales, something it’s quite mad I haven’t paid attention to before, an alluring ocean running silver slab of beauty. The Sea Trout. I have to admit I’m a pretty determined sod and I’m gonna be putting in the hours, calling on all the experience I can get and put my mind to it in order to achieve my aim.

Originally an open sea Sea Trout was my aim, but although I will attempt it I’m not fused where I catch it, and I’m not quite skilled enough with a fly rod yet to set myself the aim of one purely on the fly (although I will turn my hand to it), a Sea Trout full stop is my aim. Lure, worm or fly – Lure being what I feel most realistic…I just want one on the end of my line!


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In Wales we are blessed to have some of the UK’s finest fishing for Sea Trout, or as they’re called here – Sewin! The more I found out about these fish I just couldn’t resist wanting to give it a go and my licence for the year has been purchased, now just to research where I fancy fishing and do my homework and join an association!

This is where it gets tricky, I’m very fortunate to have the Towy, Tawe, Neath and Loughor Rivers all within short driving distance of my house, so I think I’m in a pretty good position to start but with it not exactly being the cheapest fishing to start once you’ve paid rod license and club fees deciding which river I’m going to focus on is a little mind boggling!

One thing I still can’t (from the research I’ve done) get my head around is why there isn’t more estuary/open coast fishing done for them here in Wales and it’s something I’d definitely be interested in experimenting with rather than just accepting them as early season by-catch when bass fishing with lures. It’s huge in Scandinavian countries so why not here?!? I’d love to know more why…

Since I turned my blinkers off from “Sea Fishing only” I have found a whole new exciting world of fishing and I have got to say – Sewin, I just find fascinating. From being Brownies in little streams and tributaries, heading out to the big wide ocean then returning to the main river many pounds bigger to travel many miles near to where they were once born. A cycle that can be repeated many times in a lifetime.

Scotland can keep their Salmon. In Wales we have our Sewin, our iconic Welsh fish, one we should be proud of and are lucky enough have some of the UK’s finest stocks of!

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