Tackle Box Treasure – Savage Sandeels

In the world of soft plastics, there is an ever growing list of paddle tail lures available, but I would hazard a guess that there are very few seasoned anglers that haven’t come across the humble Savage Gear Sandeel!

There isn’t much to it, its a slim bodied soft plastic with a elongated paddle tail. Heck as far as soft plastics go they’re hardly the most supple softest plastic lures, but plain and simple they work!



Pearl and Lemonback have been the top colours for me…Pearl in clear water or bright sun and Lemonback in murkier water or low light situations, but it seems all colours do well in all truth.

There is a mind blowing amount of soft plastics available but the Savage Sandeels just seem to continually prove themselves, why? I don’t know, when I first picked them up yes they looked good but they’ve got no extra features like say a Black Minnow, no hollow “rippling” belly, it comes on a fixed jig head, no articulated roll inducing head, and as I said personally I’d love to see them in an even softer plastic to enhance the action at lower speeds, but they do something right and for all species Bass, Wrasse, Cod and Pollock… On the boat they’re one of my top lures, often in my opinion sorting out some of the better Bass when schoolies dominate the shoals and from the shore they’re very consistent and simple to use.

bass release
This Bass couldn’t resist a Savage Sandeel in Lemonback on a weedless head – just check out the stunning blue tinge to its fins!

The introduction of the weedless heads for them this year got me very excited, I really like the weedless set up and I don’t feel like it results in any less hook ups and also I find fish always to be nicely lip hooked with weedless hooks. Savage’s weedless heads have seen me be able to fish the Savage Eel in a lot more situations than I once would have but I do have a few dislikes to them, they are far from the most “Wide Gape” hooks available and I think that a wide gape is essential for exposing the hook once a fish takes. They come in at 16g which I personally like in fast currents but would prefer something lighter for fishing shallow ground, this is added to by the actual shape of the jig heads, (still an issue with the standard open jig head)…the pointed face I find often digs into any snags and I think a fair few losses are down to its pointy face becoming wedged into a rock.

I have come across these Xorus Texas Power 3/0 Weedless Jig Heads which Mr Fish claim fit perfectly on the 10cm bodies…these are something I really like the sound of and they really float my boat, they look like they will swim shallower than the savage designed heads (look at the location of the heads eye) and they are available in both 7g and 10g options suiting shallow ground and faster currents. I look forward to trying these this season to see if they suit me even better than the already “sufficing” SG heads, another combo that I must give more water time this year is the 10cm bodies rigged on a 3/0 belly weighted weedless hook, know anglers that have had great success with this set up and it adds another dimension to the humble Savage Sandeel! 

A simple, easy to use lure that works very well despite no thrills and I think could easily be improved on, for me it will always be over shadowed by the ever superb Black Minnow but well worth having and I’m a big fan of its slim profile, and that very nice lemonback colour!

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