Back Out With the Fly Rod…

So in response to my quest for a Sea Trout this year I felt, rightly so I need to get out with the fly rod a little more in preparation, I like to think I am competent with a fly rod…impressive no, but competent yes.

I’ve also under taken the task of tying my own flies, I say task, ones you get the hang of it, it is kind of a pleasure…like sitting painting a piece of art as you watch you blank canvas of a hook slowly turn into the image (or fly) you had in your head.

So I put these two things together, tied a bunch of buzzers and emerger buzzers in preparation of heading to a stillwater on the weekend for some Trout action on the fly and blow the cobwebs from my fly line.


Now I’ve heard plenty of good things about a stillwater trout fishery not far from me in Llanelli – Garnffrwd but until now I had not been there.

After an evening tying a few extra flies in preparation I packed my gear and loaded the car with my kit ready to set off for action the next day at a new fishery.

Garnffrwd is only 5 minutes off the M4 at Cross Hands but it feels a million miles away from the busy fast paced action of a motor way with its setting in the outskirts of pure Welsh Carmarthen Countryside.

As soon as I got to the lake in the morning I could see fish cruising round and “supping” from in the surface film…hatching buzzers I thought, this had me excited from the get go.

I got my first few rusty, if not slightly embarrassing casts out the way in time for the owner Jamie to come round to collect payment, not before giving him a glance in my fly box for his opinion on what would best suit the hatch the fish seemed concentrated on. Small skinny Black Buzzers were his suggestions. So on one went.

I fished round a few platforms and before long other anglers were into fish, obviously they’d found the obliging fish unlike me, never the less I persisted and it wasn’t long before one of my black skinny buzzers (as Jamie had recommended) was engulfed by a nice hard fighting rainbow.

This was my first fish on the fly for a while and I had forgotten how good it feels to play a fish by hand as opposed to off the reel as 95% of my fishing is, it fought very well and there’s no doubt the fish in Garnffrwd are fighting fit and those tails on them…well it was turbo charged kicking violently until it was within reaching distance of the net.

It’s interesting, people often claim fly fishing not hard once you find what the fish want and the next 2 minutes after unhooking the first fish definitely held true to this, second cast after my first fish of the day, the same buzzer was hit by another slightly smaller but still hard fighting energetic rainbow. I hate to feel cocky in fishing but I will admit I had a slightly smug grin on my face here as my second fish in 5 minutes was netted.


I continued on before calling it time for lunch in the fisheries cafe, good service, nice food and had some time to chat with Jamie and thank him for his fly advice.

Fuelled and ready for round two I headed back on the water. There was a nice afternoon breeze and the fish were now taking confidently off the top on emerging buzzers.

This was my change to get try get a fish on my first ever tied Dry Flies – CDC Emerging Buzzers. I found a corner where the fish seemed to be confidently taking and offered shelter for casting into the breeze but the fish seemed uninterested…coming up to the fly raising my heart to my throat and then turning away last minute…frustrating but exciting at the same time.


After persevering a fish eventually homed in on my fly and with a large swirl my fly was gone and I lifted up into a nice fighting fish, I was now into the Catch and Release part of my ticket and this fish swam away strong after giving me huge pleasure.

I persisted a little longer and missed a few fish on striking into them but a great day and the fishery is truly superb and I’ll be back for sure. What really impressed me was their Catch and Release policy. I had request for a trout for tea so opted for a 2 fish ticket but the fishery allows catch and release after your first two fish which is superb and maximises your day out! Something it would be great to see more fisheries follow suit of.

Been back on the Bass again recently…run of blanks so far but it’s early days still but there have been a few caught so there is a glimmer of hope and hopefully soon I’ll open my season with a tidy fish.


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