My Bass season has begun…

At last, I’ve got off the mark and had my first Bass on the lures of the year…

Two weeks ago I started back on the Bass, big tides, bucket of crab and bait rod down some gullies not too far from my house. This was the first blank.

I have since then been out half a dozen times with the lures or bait conditions dependant, all have drawn blank…that is until this week. A session with the lures was hatched between myself and two good local anglers Jer and Stan. We headed off for our mark in hope of clear-ish water although the relentless wind (unforecast) had us worried and lowered expectations. After the hike we arrived at the mark to see very nice conditions, good clarity, fizzed up water swirling round the rocks and a flooding tide. PERFECT.

First Bass of 2016 on the lures. One of 5 the session produced for me.

It turned out to be a productive session to say the least, especially for early season nothing big, up to just over 4lb but it got our season underway and it made for a very exciting afternoon. Now the duct is broken there is no stopping, it’s all guns blazing till the bass gear is hung up come end of Autumn.

Jer bent into his first lure caught Bass of the year

I’m off to Ireland on sunday (24th) for the week to stay and fish with John Quinlan of Thatch Cottage in Kerry. A full week of fishing is in order and John knows how to provide a good fishing holiday so hopefully there will be plenty to report back on soon!

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