The year so far…

So 2017 is here, I’ve been fishing and surfing plenty while balancing work and my university studies.

January was a blique cold month with poor surf and over run with exams, spirits were only raised with a bit of fly fishing at the superb Stillwater that is Garnffrwd.

February saw a much needed surf trip to Fuerterventura with Swansea University Surf Club. We were lucky with some warm weather and consistent waves. Nothing exceptional but I’ll take warm water, sun and surf (along with typical uni nights out) in February without being too fussy.

Here’s a few shots from the trip. Lobos was definitely a wave I will be traveling back to surf again for sure. Heading over there at first light in a rib armed with your board and wetsuit to be dropped off in the lineup is an awesome buzz and as close as I’ve felt to being a Navy SEAL.

After returning from Fuerterventura I managed a day out Pike fishing which resulted in a new PB. We had no scales on us and pike can be tricky to guesstimate so not putting a weight to it but it’s not far off how big the pike get at the particular venue and I was undoubtedly over the moon with it. Seeing the take was just the icing on the cake! 

March arrived with some kindly mild weather, which in turn saw the first peel of the crabs and a few Bass that capitalised on the opportunity of some early grub. I didn’t manage much to write home about with the biggest of the month approaching 4lb but there was some good fish showing. Below is a shot of hugely committed angler and good friend Jeremy Evans with a cracking Bass. This shot sums up bassing for me, just look at the excitement in his face! 

April saw me opening my lure account and once the ball was rolling the Bass kept coming. The only limitation has been university studies and work, this has continued into May but on days off and revision breaks I’ve had some good Bass fishing on the lures. 
Something I have noticed for three years running now is that once the below coastal flowers come out, the bass fishing on lures really kicks off, I’d love to know more as to why this is but it’s something I’ve noticed and share with others I meet. Just one of natures little signs! 

Aside from the Bass fishing I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on my fly fishing targeting Brown Trout on the rivers of South Wales, this hasn’t been easy and a steep learning curve but something I’m really enjoying and feel is another string to my bow. 

I took the opportunity of a guided day out with Kim Tribe from Fly Fishing Wales fishing a stretch of the Usk and I am very glad I did so, not only did we have a great day out but I came away from the day with plenty to work on and new skills learnt and will no doubt become a better angler as a result. 

With June just around the corner I hope to experience some awesome Bass fishing at home along with Summer swells and get surfing in a summer wetsuit. Sea Trout are high on my priorities also and as long as I get the time and conditions to do so I hope to manage my first Welsh Sewin, a real ambition of mine. In other news I would like to thank the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society for giving me the opportunity to write another piece for them in Sea Angler which should be out later this summer.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I promise the blog will gain some more consistency now University has finished for the year.

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