Tail end of the fishing season

The Bass season finished pretty sharpish for me and unfortunately due to conditions didn’t continue much further than the end of the Salmon Season…I had a few good fish in Ireland but for some reason the Bass didn’t seem to be at the normal marks in quite the same numbers, nor size range and experimenting was required. Below are a few snaps of the week along with a tidy salmon from a wet afternoon in August.

I was lucky to put my good friend and once apprentice to my fishing ventures – Sam Pritchard on two Salmon at the tail end of the Season in September. Myself and Sam had been fishing hard on and off all season long and between us many rod hours put in, but despite Sam’s solid efforts and very quick improvements in reading the water and presentation he lacked the silver slab reward he so longed for.

That was until one sunny autumnal afternoon when following a fruitless morning swinging Flying C-s and Rapalas following a crossing of the river and a short break to unwind and replenish, we worked our way down a pool with Sam choosing to follow me down with a garish Fire Tiger Rapala which in some eyes could be too bright for the clearing water. Nevertheless, Sam confident and making pin point accurate casts across the bank soon felt his line tighten before the river erupted as a thrashing salmon cartwheeled itself across the surface  before utilising the current to hold deep. A beautiful moment to witness from both accounts. The crimson tinted silver flanks as the fish transitioned towards its spawning colours and looking a slim 7lb.  It was upon landing the fish that things turned a sour-note, just as I was getting in position to take a photo of the much deserved fish and angler, when the fish gave an aburpt flick of its tail in bid for freedom wasting no time in continuing its journey to spawn. A moment we now have to make unforgettable and will only ever be ever to remember together in our own unique ways, a happy truth of the moment.


They say that every cloud has it’s silver lining and Sam soon found his when under 24hrs later we were back on the bank in pursuit of more Salmon that may be running. Well after just 10 minutes fishing Sam is back into a fish in a pool that had interested me for a while and be a shame to finish the season having not fished. Now clued up on the surface  thrashing and deep holding tactics of the previous fish sam fought the fish impressively and soon it was landed with a firm grip insured ahead of a few snaps before release. I was absolutely over joyed for Sam, to help others catch fish under your knowledge is a hugely satisfiying feeling but it is still up to the angler and Sams fishing and attitude could not be faulted. IMG_0972

I continued to get out on the Bass but with Surf and poor weather it wasn’t long before the water turned heavily coloured and I chose to hang the waders up and chose to don the wetsuit again!


So far the winter has been awesome for surf, I have been getting in heaps and riding some new shapes from JP Surfboards that have been feeling superb under my feet along with revisiting some older boards and remembering what I liked about them, things that I can carry forward and use in future shapes when working with JP.

I’ve recently returned from Morocco with Swansea University Surf Club, a trip I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to sharing on the blog with you all shortly.


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