My go-to Bass Lures (part 3)

It’s been great seeing the engagement and views from this series and hope I can continue with this, but as promised here comes part 3, where this week we look at my top surface lures. If you missed out on the previous articles here is part one and two.

Surface Lures

Fishing for Bass with surface lures is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating ways to fish for them. When fishing surface lures, you live for the moment when you watch your lure skating innocently side-to-side across the surface, when suddenly like a stick of dynamite being detonated behind your lure an armour plated slab of silver Bass executes its assault. I tend to fish surface lures in the calmer conditions, although there are certain topwater lures I carry that will handle larger seas and often its only wind that causes me to not fish with these lures through lack of control.



The infamous Xorus Patchinko II coming in at 14cm and weighing 27g is one of if not my favourite lure to fish with, I love the long distance surface eruptions that are possible with this lure, casting incredible distances due to its tail weighted aerodynamic design it puts the distances achieved with other lures to shame, allowing rips further out to be reached and the takes fishing in these out of normal range rips is enough to leave you shaking. It can handle far more bouncy and alive seas than other surface lures I have played with and is a very special lure in my topwater arsenal. I have fished this lure in a huge variety of colours and in my opinion, it is only really the white belly the fish see and the transparency of the sides so I tend to carry them in flashing plate colours such as Baitfish, Yellow, White Cotton etc. and another in the “ghost” colours such as 500G or Cabot. I prefer to fish the lures with a high rod tip tap-tap-taping the lure with upward flicks of the rod to get it face slapping and walking along the surface.



The little brother of the Patch II and another superb lure, this is a real numbers lure where if Bass is present will catch serious numbers. The only downside is that due to its smaller profile it can become appealing to smaller sized Bass but this is no discredit and can catch Bass of a specimen size…sometimes they want a bite-sized snack not a full meal. At only 11g it is able to cast superbly for its size and weight, owing again to its aerodynamic rear-heavy design though this is only possible with a suitable balanced outfit. For me, this lure is best fished over shallow ground in calm-ish conditions with little wind or tidal flow to be able to work it effectively and maintain contact. I have a serious affection for the 500g colour pattern of this lure to the extent its become to the only colour I feel I need to own. If fishing was only about calm warm summers evening taking Bass off the surface for the sport, I’d fish this on a light spinning rod all evening long…unfortunately it’s not all calm warm evening but when it does happen this lure smashes fish.



The vulture is a lure new to me within the last year but has already earnt its stripes catching Bass consistently last year as well as other lures and filling a gap in my lure box for something that was a great distance caster but also more subtle in its action and upon landing than the Patchinko and thanks to its slender design and 20g weigh manages to tick these boxes nicely. It is an interestingly designed lure with a plastic rudder like bib halfway long the body that gives the lure somewhat of a pivot point when walking side to side across the surface.



The Gunfish is a lure that I find hit or miss, it either pulls out quality fish when other lures fail to tempt Bass you are certain are there or seems to underperform when all other lures seem to be catching. I tend to fish it with sideward strokes of the rod whacking the butt of the rod against your arm and ribs to get it walking and spitting along the surface. It weighs 19g and when you catch it right with a slightly longer drop is able to get out respectable distances. I have only got experience in fishing the lure in the Ghost Minnow pattern, and I would highly recommend changing the standard freshwater hooks to stronger saltwater trebles. Though I must admit I do fancy this lure to catch me a big Bass off-the-top one day…hopefully soon. One of the few places to stock the GunFish consistently is Chesil Bait and Tackle.


There we have it…my top surface lures that year on year offer me exhilarating and devastating results off the surface while out Bass Fishing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I look forward to sharing with you my tackle box page once completed.

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