REVIEWED: Patagonia Stormfront 10L Hip Pack

A bag for fishing is hardly the most exciting bit of kit, however, without it ones fishing session is going to be a chore and if you’re out on the move fishing.

Be it lure or fly fishing, carrying your gear in an easy way that does not restrict you, but still leaves everything available at a seconds notice is a must. Through my years fishing, I’ve used everything from backpacks to vests for carrying my gear but the way I feel most comfortable fishing (but not quite as nice as just a few essentials in a pocket) is with a hip pack. 

I find a backpack useless unless you have a solid surface to put it down. Using a hip pack  I can simply nip into it whenever I need and easily see all that’s inside. Although one of the common drawbacks of a bum bag is…unless you don’t mind soaking your contents…everything is going to get wet. Yes, you can rinse and dry it after but there’s always that pack of hooks or lure you forget to take out and find a few weeks later at the bottom in a rusty mess.


The Stormfront Pack solves all of this and I’ve really grown attached to this tough, submergible and comfortable pack that fits everything I need for a session out Bass fishing perfectly. It fits two lure boxes comfortably although I often can manage with just one and then I’ll take a drink or snack in there as an extra…

First impressions were how tough the material was with it feeling more aking to a RIB than a fanny pack and I’m happy to say that the toughness of the material has shone through after using and abusing it;sliding down banks, trecking through bracken and bushes to submerge it on and off in the sea for a few hours before throwing it back into the car till another day…the bag is still as intact and waterproof as the day I bought it. The zip that has been used is more like what you’d expect to see on a dry suit but wow, does it work! Wading through deep pools salmon fishing in flood water has proven this while also taking a hammering from waves out in the surf.


Now I’m not claiming to be so crazy with my fishing that I am constantly up to my neck in water, but not having to worry about my bag filling with water and potential valuables getting a soaking should I choose to wade or worse take a slip is just a little luxury. I find the bag super comfortable and with its padded shoulder strap, again made from a similar fabric to the bag, does not fall down or swing around on your waist as you hike to marks or even more risky, leap rock-to-rock.

I’m not going to beat around the bush though…the bag comes with a price tag, about £180 to be exact but if you’re getting out fishing a lot then you really want something that is going to last and not let you down. This was the deal breaker for me, I was fed up of dodgy zips, wet gear and slips and falls resulting in damage to my gear…luckily the Stormfront came into my life and I personally haven’t found a pack that does it for me quite so much.

To round up the rest of the features there is a splash-proof smaller outer pocket on the bag with a water-resistant zip, although it will get wet in here with wading.

It has external loop attachments for attaching and clipping pliers and other accessories too which is always handy, while internally there is a little internal pocket that is handy for keeping all the little bits and bobs that normally go disappearing into the abyss at the bottom of your bag.

One thing I was slightly disappointed to not see Patagonia doing, as they do with so much of their product line, is using recycled or post-consumer content in the product, I don’t claim to be a fountain of knowledge here but I’m sure that in the production of the product Patagonia could look to use recycled plastic content and potentially waste neoprene from the production of their wetsuits. Then again though I’m not seeing any other packs that have done this, it would be nice to see Patagonia continuing their environmental approach to production into their fishing range.

I’ve personally gone for the grey model but it is available in black and orange also, go bright or keep it stealth it’s up to you.

It available both direct from Patagonia here and Sportfish.

I’m looking forward to continuing with the bag over the coming season and with the water, temperatures rising and the Bass whispering their return I don’t feel it will be too long yet before it’s back to the salt after what has been a fun spring focusing on fly fishing. 


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