REVIEWED: YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Right well this is slightly different to the rods and gear I’m used to writing about but as I’ve got older, busier and I’d like to think…more sophisticated one of the little pleasures I’ve grown to appreciate more and more is a cup of hot coffee!

One thing I’ve always hated though is a flask…they’re an absolute pain to carry around, I hate drinking from the little flimsy cup that always gets covered in spill stains and dents. One thing I do like though is handy little travel mugs…I like that I can make a drink in them, and sip on it on the move, but one of the most common drawbacks is you come back to it half hour later and have a cold or at best lukewarm mouthful that spoils the whole thing. This is why I set out to look for a product that would allow me to make an early morning coffee en route out fishing and still be able to finish it a few hours later by the water still nearly as hot as the first sip.

Enter the YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler.

It’s a fancy flask come travel mug that has been designed by the American cool box gurus YETI and is available in a selection of colours to take your fancy…I went for blue, I liked it.

I’ve been doing a lot of fly fishing targeting brown trout on river’s recently, and one thing I’m increasingly seeing the importance of is watching the water and taking a quiet seat to observe the fish before you sneak up and start waving a fly rod in their face. The Yeti is kind of perfect for this, I can rely on it to keep my drinks warm for around 6 hours which for a standard travel mug that isn’t overloaded with fancy seals and lids is pretty impressive.

rambler3 11

It’s taken a few drops and tumbles overtime now and thanks to its kitchen-grade stainless steel no dents or breaks have come.

20oz for us brits equates to about 568 ml or one pint, which for me is plenty coffee to sip on for a good few hours. Should anything happen to your mug YETI back it up with a 5-year warranty and past this or if you break or lose any parts you can simply by all the parts for the mug online direct from YETI. Thus extending the life cycle of your product and minimising waste. I really like the magslider lid and although only semi watertight it’s really easy to take off and clean avoiding that grubby coffee residue build up,

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It’s really easy to clean and I tend to use it every day so a little rinse after use and occasional wash seems fine.

I’m trying to do what I can to reduce my plastic footprint and having a mug I can take with me for my takeaway coffee to go in, avoiding those nasty non-recyclable cups we throw millions of away each year, but still find it warm in a few hours time is just perfect.

YETI products are pretty rare in the UK bizarrely, but they now ship directly to the UK with reasonable shipping costs so take a visit if this kind of handy accessory floats your boat give them a visit here.



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