Where did May go? 

Firstly, my reason for a lack of updates the last two weeks has been because of university exams…yes the dreaded summer peril! 

What has been worse though is the determined pursuits I have been devoting myself to while targeting Sea Trout, or Sewin as we proudly call them in Wales – “the silver one” at night on the fly. 

If you’ve been a follower of my blog over the last few years you will have seen me refer to Sea Trout fishing regularly, using analogies to the methods of fishing for them liken it to the methods we use for Bass alongside my unfatomable desire to land my first Sea Trout on the fly. 

Firstly, I think it’s acceptable to say the target I have set myself is not an easy one, certainly not helped by Sea Trout stocks being the lowest for many many years in our quiant Welsh rivers where we hope and dream of finding sewin…

Now as much as I would love to write that my absence from blogging has been because of many sleepless nights catching levithian after levithian of Sea Trout, however this has not been quite so…I must now swollow a slice of humble pie to admit that despite venturing out a minimum of three times a week, in the reckless determination to catch the magical Sewin, as of yet nothing silver has been landed.

A few Brown Trout have kept spirits level (I can’t call it high as they were reflective of hooking a jar of marmite…you like it cause you’re doing the right thing but hate that it made your heart skip a beat to have reality mock you once again) importantly they reminded me that my presentation is somewhat right! 

The lack of rain and consistent warm weather has been a god send to all but the sea trout angler this month, paired with agricultural pollution leading to a build up of nutrients that have leached into the river in abundance. This has seen the rivers cloaked in a layer of algae sludge,   not only affecting water quality but making it very hard to present flies without picking up relentless amounts of the gunk! 

A rather gorgeous stretch of the infamous Towy sadly no sewin were seen on my day time explore

I am now exam free and look forward to writing more on the tales of my Sea Trout and Bass pursuits over the next month as June enters July – Months that have always been good to me for fish, so fingers crossed and I hope my other anglers reading this have been more successful than me as of late! 

A little snap of night fishing…explains the reason for a lack of images to accompany this post!

One thought on “Where did May go? 

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  1. Hi Nathaniel

    Really enjoy reading your blog. I fish the Towy and Loughor and also enjoy lure fishing for bass as we have a caravan in West Pembrokeshire nr Broad Haven. Although I rarely fish Gower your blog has definitely inspired me to try and get out there more often.

    The Towy photograph you have posted looks perfect sea trout water with the tree cover on the opposite bank. It has been a very poor season so far on the Towy what with the late Spring and now the low water conditions but hopefully things will pick up when the rain comes. I have had some good results in the past with Jambo type surface lures on the Towy.

    Best of luck for the rest of the season and with the excellent blog.



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