REVIEWED: ​Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack

A bag for fishing is hardly the most exciting bit of kit, however, without it ones fishing session is going to be a chore. If you’re out on the move fishing, be that Lure Fishing or Fly, carrying your gear in a way that does not restrict you but still leaves them available at a seconds notice is what you’re ultimately loooking for. Through my years fishing, I’ve used everything from backpacks to vests for carrying my gear but the way I feel most comfortable fishing (but not quite as nice as just a few essentials in your pocket) is with a hip pack.

I find a back pack useless unless you have a solid surface to put it down on and the taking on and off if im constantly in and out of it drives me mad. Using a hip pack takes away all of this and I simply nip into it whenever I need and can easily see all that’s inside. A sling bag is nice but if you want to easily slide it round you need to have it a little loose, which when youre jumping from gully to gully isnt ideal. Although one of the common drawbacks of a bum bag is…unless you don’t mind soaking your contents…everything is going to get wet.

Personally, it’s no biggy I’ll rinse and dry it off, but there’s always something at the bottom of your bag you forget about only to find in a rusty mess a few days later. If you DO MIND getting your contents wet then you’re restricted as to how deep you can wade and then what’s the point of your pair of chest waders if you’re restricted to thigh deep!

What I really wanted for my fishing was a bag that meant I was no longer limited to wading depth by my choice of bag, or need to worry about rinsing the entire contents of my bag post-fishing trip.

So whats this glorified fanny pack I am using for my fishing, that I want to tell you about?

I’ve tried a few bags for my fishing now but the one that I’ve found best for my fishing so far has got to be this Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack, I’ve used it for all my bass, salmon and fly fishing needs for the last year and it is yet to leak, fail to store enough gear or prove uncomfy.

The Stormfront® Hip Pack is perfectly sized for a day fishing on(…or in) the water. It is fully welded making it a waterproof hip pack that really stands up all conditions and extremities of fishing. The best way I can describe the material is like an inflatable RIB Boat.

Im a huge fan of the waterproof “TIZIP®” zipper and after 2 years of solid use and abuse no signs of corrosion can be found, nor has it leaked at all. I also find the hip straps pretty comfy although I do feel a little extra side padding could be added. However over a pair of waders this isnt much of an issue. For convenience there is also a small external splash proof pocket to store small accessories along with some handy lash points to clip carabiners and pliers on to.

For those of you that appreciate technical feature descriptions, ive included this from the Patagonia site.

  • Durable and burly polyester core with a TPU coating provides a 100% waterproof package
  • 100% waterproof TIZIP® zipper for quick access to main compartment is perfect for fly boxes, small cameras or extra clothing
  • Fully adjustable, low-profile padded hip belt and neck strap will handle large loads and weight distribution
  • Quick-access grab handle
  • Side utility keepers provide easy attachment without piercing the waterproof fabric
  • Rear adjustable lash straps for rod tube or jacket
  • 11.75-oz 800-denier 100% nylon with a single-side TPU coating and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • 564 g (19.9 oz)

To conclude, if you’re looking to invest in a bag for your mobile fishing needs, be that lure or fly. Then you really wont go wrong with this bag that will really withstand abuse and let you dictate how you fish.

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