David Attenborough cares about Salmon, shouldn’t you?

I’ve been pretty infatuated with Salmon from the moment I first read about the amazing lifecycle, history and journeys of these extrordinary fish. This has only increased since beginning fishing for them a few seasons ago on a lifelong learning mission about these fish. After getting a couple under my belt and putting friends on some salmon too, while taking them out spinning with me. I’ve gone pretty much fly only for the Salmon, while managing to hook into two last season – landing one! It’s left me with no doubt that pursuing Salmon on the fly will be done till the day I die.

Anyway, that’s another blog post all together…but this highlights a ery valid point. So what’s David have to tell you about Salmon?…

If I want to fish for this amazing species for the rest of my life then the species needs to be conserved and this is exactly what luckily for the Salmon, organisations like Salmon & Trout Conservation are striving for.

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