Pre-Lockdown Trout Fishing (Video)

Here in the UK we have been in the midst of lockdown for 4 long weeks now. Depending how you see it, we’ve been blessed with superb weather for the duration so far.

These conditions in the peak of spring will normally leave me itching to get out on the banks of my local rivers and streams here in South Wales. Watching the hatches of various insects as they take flight from the water surface, identifying and noting the rising trout that capitalise on these opportunities. Current circumstances have put an end to this and my mind now prays we will be allowed back out in time for the arrival of the main sea trout runs and the evenings spent watching trout carefully sip down falling spinners as they lay their eggs on the water before the light turns out.

Luckily, to make the wait for these moments easier I can reminisce on the brief trout fishing I was lucky to squeeze in before lock down. It was the first time rivers levels had fallen to a suitable level all season and I was out in anticipation of the brief hour when we see a flurry of March Browns and Large Dark Olives hatch, while the trout rise to them with gusto. This time of year it is all about observing, picking the keen rising fish watching the rise form to indicate what they are eating, and then finally getting into position to make the delicate cast without spooking them. Get this right and you will be rewarded.

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