About me

My name is Nathaniel James. I am a passionate Surfer come somewhat obsessed angler from Swansea, South Wales, UK. Hook’n’Surf came about through my tied passion for surfing, fishing and the ocean.


From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with the water and anything to do with it! I tried football but I sucked… surfing soon came about from trying Bodyboarding, Skimboarding and Skateboarding and I was soon hooked! I’ve competed in Surfing for over 6 years representing Wales multiple times at European and World Championships. Surfing is my first love and fishing was born because of it…



Fishing started as something to do on the days when there was no surf and I quickly became obsessed. My main quarry is Bass fishing, to me, they are one of the most exciting and captivating fish to target and I’m lucky to have some of Wales’ finest Bass fishing on my doorstep. I am slightly obsessed by lure fishing and it is something that really captures me. Yet I am getting increasingly more enthusiastic about my Fly Fishing and I hope to once I gain more experience share more of this with my viewers. Yes I enjoy fishing with artificial lures but I am no stranger to bait fishing and it’s where I cut my teeth as a youngster both Shore and Boat. Shore, river, lake or boat I enjoy it all. Limiting yourself to one type of fishing isn’t for me.


I hope to bring share interesting articles, posts, rants and more that others find at least somewhat interesting!





Photo Credits – Henry Gilbey, Matt Powell, Chris French and Marc Lloyd


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