Major Craft Skyroad 902 ML Review

Major Craft are a Japanese brand famed with making some of the finest yet value for money lure rods on the Japanese Market. They are widely available in the UK from most tackle shops that specialise in Lure fishing. Modern lure rods are a world away from the original british spinning rods and japan has... Continue Reading →

Tackle Box Treasure – Savage Sandeels

In the world of soft plastics, there is an ever growing list of paddle tail lures available, but I would hazard a guess that there are very few seasoned anglers that haven't come across the humble Savage Gear Sandeel! There isn't much to it, its a slim bodied soft plastic with a elongated paddle tail.... Continue Reading →

Mepps…a timeless classic

As much as I love my flashy, technical almost say laboratory designed lures ask me my favourite Trout lure and you may be surprised almost even a little disappointed as you aren't going to be hearing some Japanese kom-a-chink-uke-oko like name but rather..Size 0 Copper Mepps Aglia! Mepps have been around for years, since 1938 to... Continue Reading →

Lure Love Affair – Patchinko 100

There’s something very odd for lure anglers about the way that one single lure can become so beloved, it becomes so special that whenever you look at it your vision become rose tinted as you see it on a pedestal above all the other (perfectly good) lures in your box. I would even hazard a... Continue Reading →

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