My go-to Bass Lures (part 2)

Following on from last weeks post (here if you missed it) comes part 2, this week I would like to share with you the soft plastic lures that have become my go-to and that I trust to the point that they come out with me every trip throughout the Bass season... Weightless Soft Plastic Lures... Continue Reading →

Bay of Biscay Dolphin Massacre

Scrolling through Facebook this week I was astonished to see the title "The Indiscriminate Slaughter Of Dolphins On Our Doorstep" shared by the Save Our Seabass Organisation. The post boasted obscene hard-hitting figures stating "From January through March an average of 6,000 dolphins are killed each year on France’s west coast" I continued to read up on... Continue Reading →

My go-to​ Bass Lures (part 1)

I thought that it would be valuable to share with the readers of this blog what lures I use for the various kinds of fishing I do. With the intention that I can in return learn about different opinions and recommendations based on what I use. To start it off I've chosen to focus on... Continue Reading →

Tail end of the fishing season

The Bass season finished pretty sharpish for me and unfortunately due to conditions didn't continue much further than the end of the Salmon Season...I had a few good fish in Ireland but for some reason the Bass didn't seem to be at the normal marks in quite the same numbers, nor size range and experimenting... Continue Reading →

Mission accomplished…first salmon!

I set the challenge for myself to catch my first Welsh Salmon and Sewin this year! Not an easy quest by anyone's standards but they're fish that I find fascinating both for their impressive migrations and their stunning looks. I've put quite a bit of time into getting to know some small stretches of a... Continue Reading →

The year so far…

So 2017 is here, I've been fishing and surfing plenty while balancing work and my university studies. January was a blique cold month with poor surf and over run with exams, spirits were only raised with a bit of fly fishing at the superb Stillwater that is Garnffrwd. February saw a much needed surf trip... Continue Reading →

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